About me

Hello and Welcome.

My name is not Marnie but Valerie, When I first started this blog, I though long and hard what I should call it and I always loved the name Marnie, it's a great Hitchcock movie and I thought why not. 

Now if and when you read this blog you might notice a few spelling mistakes or things which don't make too much sense, well that's because English is not my first language, it's not even my second, it is my third, so please be kind. I was born in Germany and grew up in France before moving to London in my 20's to study. I'm still in London now where I work and live with Nick, my husband. 

A few month ago I was on holiday with Nick when I decided to finally fulfil one my childhood dream and learn photography, invest money in a good camera and go back to school, study photography and finally learn to switch from auto to manual. I first thought the blog would be like photo album where I would put each week the photos I had taken and it is now evolving as my photo journal where I share my journey, my world, the precious moments and the amazing people and friends I am meeting along the way. 

Thanks for visiting