Sunday, 25 May 2014

Palm Springs ...Germany?

Finally I can get back to my camera which I haven't touched in a long time.... And Palm Springs is my model. 

Although I am still not sure that I am actually in America, I very much feel like I have landed in Germany! The people I am around, must be distant cousin from the fatherland. 

The famous pool / drop your towel early morning ritual, is very much happening here and boy, it starts early!

Anything works in the fearce competition to score the best loungers at the pool and you have to be brutal and cannot make friends. People get up early to leave the towel and the useless prop on the lounger to mark their territory. 

Props used (enjoying the sun while you are not!) are ranging from 1 flip flop (the other one is lost) a plastic cup, an empty brown bag to the friend, you know, the one brave (read: dumb) enough to get up at 7.30 and wait around for hours. 

 I have also seen a Louis Vuitton bag but I am guessing its a fake. 

Thanks God I am jet lagged so I can be a witness of this ritual, oh and dont worry I have grabbed myself a lounger, I am half German after all :-) 

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