Friday, 14 February 2014

A train trip around Japan

Nothing beats a good road trip... And a train trip in Japan was the ultimate dream for me. I mean, it's the land of Hello Kitty! 

Osaka and Kyoto are only three hours from Tokyo with the Shinkansen. 
Kyoto was incredible, packed with temples, shrines, side streets, girls and boys in gorgeous kimonos....and Osaka, a short 15 minutes from Kyoto, was covered with snow, Osaka castle looked amazing in this weather. 

Back in Tokyo, we woke up with the city all in white. Nothing really can get any better than this, except we are leaving tomorrow morning. 
We are secretly hoping for another snow storm during the night and to be stuck in Japan for another week. 

I might quickly go to a temple and see if I can have a word with a nice God and maybe he can help me with the weather...
Wish me luck! Arigato 

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