Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A day in Kamakura

It has been snowing a lot in Tokyo the night we arrived and the temperature is really bitter cold today. Obviously, with that in mind, I got so cold yesterday when I took a little day trip out of Tokyo that I am now in bed with a bit of a cold! Typical! 

Nicknamed "little Kyoto" Kamakura is 1 hour south from Tokyo on the JR line. It's a quiet seaside town, tucked away from the craziness of Tokyo. It has plenty of temples and shrines to fill your day. Kamakura fells so peaceful and tranquil compared to the hustle of Tokyo and it has plenty of lovely traditional side streets to wander and get completely lost, something that is recurrent since I have arrived.  There were so many things to do in such a small spaces of time that I decided to visit three of the main attractions, the Tsurugaoko Hachimangu shrine, the big Buddha and the Hase-Dera temple. 

After a few hours,l I left the temples and shrines and dived in a tiny restaurant which had a menu only in Japanese with a few appealing photos and did the usual "point on the nicest writing and hope for something good to come out". The only word I understand from the lady in the restaurant, who spoke as much English as I Japanese, was "udon" so that was ok with me and crossed my fingers for something good and so far, that's all it's been here, really good! 

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