Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bye bye Sunshine

We spent our New Year watching a pineapple drop- literally! In New York, they drop the ball in time square at midnight, well in Sarasota they drop a large pineapple! Although a little speechless at first....we soon couldn't content our excitement and our giggles when we saw the pineapple drop at midnight. 

Fast forward to 2014 and its direction the Everglades where we meet a Captain called Doug, more alligators, more pelicans and some cute raccoons, that I just wanted to pet and take home with me but apparently racoons dont fetch newspapers or balls and/or wont cuddle up so that was not a good idea.... party poppers!

A little further ahead, we had left the over 55's towns, RV's and cities behind us and reached a little bubble in Florida where excess, exuberance and glamour met up for one crazy party....Miami daaaarliing! 

Its beautiful, busy and loud and we were tempted to wear espadrilles and a salmon-pink jacket with our sleaves rolled up Miami Vice style but somehow the temptation vanished as you can feel a bit old, a bit ugly and remarkably plastic-free when you look at some of the residents around you but what the heck, we felt like we belonged -sort of ...! 

Four days there passed "speed of light quick" and I don't think we have ever taking this many ibuprofen and paracetamol to help get up in the morning.

Now it's back to reality and to the one digit temperature of good old England. Miami ...will be back ! 

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