Friday, 4 October 2013

The devil inside

Oh Internet .... The things you make me do.

As I was lying in bed late and couldn't sleep I was looking at cameras on amazon when something took over me and made me press the " buy with one click" button and kaboom!!! In less then 5 seconds I had just spend a small fortune. 
As I went into my amazon account, I pondered for 2 minutes (or was it 2 seconds) if I should press the big cancel button, forget this whole spontaneous madness I just had and be reasonable .... but then I though never mind  it will be bread and water for the next weeks? Months? Years? Decades???

Anyway I told myself I deserved it, surely?  Why, oh well I have not found  the answer but I will definitely thing of an answer while I take some amazing photos with my new cameras!!!
But for now, I'm soooooo excited! 

Here is the bad boy: 

Now anyone who wants to be my guinea pig euh, non model is welcome to email me.
I need fun little projetcs

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