Saturday, 14 September 2013

Time Machine

Ah...Goodwod Revival. It is the only car event that I had a real interrest on attending. As I work with Classic Cars, I tend to go to a few Classic Car events but this one is just a league of its own.

I have been longing to go to Goodwood Revival for the last few years and never managed to go. This year was to be different; I was free, I had great tickets through work and I had bought myself a gorgeous 50's dress and my husband looked like Don Draper: The Perfect Combo.

What an amazing experience, it is simply one of the best event I have ever attended. I felt like Marty McFly as soon as I stepped out the DeLorean car. For an entire day I had travelled back in time, to a place where everyone had a huge smile on their face and life seemed easier.

There is something for everyone, vintage cars, vintage planes, girls and boys dressed up in their best 40's, 50's and 60's outfits, amazing music, live bands, food, shopping, clothes and so much more.
The weather was kind and the sky only opened at the end of the day as we left. Ahhh...I cannot wait for Goodwood Reviwal 2014.


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  1. You've got an eye ! Well done ! Don't stop xx